Are you using safe, Permanent Tire Repairs? Don't Worry... TECH has you covered

Keep your customers safer and avoid costly rework. For more than 80 years, TECH Tire Repairs have been trusted in shops around the world. We have perfected the tire repair process providing a permanent fix that will last the life of the tire.

Equip Your Shop with the finest repairs, chemicals and tire repair tools

One & Two-Piece Repair Patches/Plugs

Whether your tech's prefer one-piece patch/plugs or two-piece patch and stem repairs. We have you covered. In sizes ranging from 1/8" puncture repairs to full-blown commercial section repairs.

Chemical Vulcanizing Cements

Our fast-drying vulcanizing cements are the magic sauce that permanently bonds our repairs to the tire. Independent lab studies have verified that TECH repairs provide better adhesion than our competitors.

Carbide Cutters

Proper puncture prep is key to a lasting repair. TECH carbide cutters help prep the injury channel to completely remove any damaged belts or cords. This step helps maximize the adhesion of the repair for a safe and permanent fix.

Flared Contour Buffing Wheels

Prepping the inner liner maximizes repair adhesion. Our flare-contour buffing wheels are available in a number of sizes and grits to prep repairs for any size tire. From Passenger/LT all the way up to commercial, mining and Ag... TECH has you covered.

Tire Repair Tools

We have the tools! From hand tools like rubber scrapers, stitchers, brushes and awls to battery or pneumatic powered buffers, drills, impact wrenches and more. If it's used in and around the tire & wheel area - look no further than TECH.

TPMS Sensors, Tools & Accessories

The latest and greatest in TPMS technology. From NFC sensors you can program with your smartphone, to programming tools, valves and rebuild kits. Tire pros around the globe trust TECH for TPMS.

Be sure to Check out Our Additional Tools, Repair and Chemicals

Above was just a small sample of our complete line of tire repair, tools and chemicals. TECH is the brand trusted by professional tire repair shops around the world. We invite you to browse these additional categories for additional demounting tools, rubber buffing wheels, floor jacks and more.

Tire Repair Materials

TECH produced tire repairs are endorsed and are used by the world's largest tire manufacturers/retreaders and their subsidiaries.


Service Tools and Equipment

TECH’s complete line of service tools and equipment are designed specifically to meet the needs of tire technicians around the world.



TECH pioneered the chemical vulcanization process over 80 years ago and offers a complete range of specialty chemicals.


Wheel and Tire Supplies

TECH offers a comprehensive line-up of wheel and tire supplies for virtually every application.



Learn more about our global brand, and how we impact the 4r future.