TECH Best-Selling Tire Repair Materials, Kits & Chemicals

Our vast catalog of products can be a bit overwhelming. If you're interested in TECH Tire Repairs, but aren't quite sure where to start, we put together this selection of our top-selling products by category.

Tire Repair Kits

Kits include the insert repairs, tools and chemicals you need to get back on the road or trail.

Insert "plug" Repairs

Our tire plug repairs have a layer of cushion gum that when combined with TECH vulcanizing fluid creates a permanent bond to the tire.

One-Piece Tire Repairs

Our one-piece repiars offer a stem and repair cap in one for a proper tire repair, fast!

Tire Puncture Repair Stems

Designed to fill tire puncture injuries. Must be used with TECH Vulcanizing Fluid and the appropriate size TECH Patch Repair Unit.

Tire Repair Patches

TECH Tire Repair Patches are fabric reinfoced for superior strength and quality.

Tire Repair Vulcanizing Fluid Cement & More

Vulcanizing Fluid Bonds TECH Tire Repairs to the tire for a permanent fix. Use Rub-O-Matic Rubber Cleaner to prep inner line prior to repair installation.

Mounting and Demounting Chemicals

Bead Breaker, Rim Ease and Bead Sealer are designed to make demounting and mounting tires much faster and easier.

Must-Have Tire Repair Tools

You can't perform a proper tire repair without a high-quality stitcher, scraper and spiral cement tool.

Tire Buffers & Buffing Wheels

No shop is complete without a low-speed buffer, flared-contour buffing wheel and a few wire brushes to help you perform proper tire repairs.